{Product Review} Chobani

I have been truly blessed this year. Lots of exciting things happening ever since I got back to Melbourne. One of which is receiving an email from Chontelle, a representative from Chobani Australia, asking if I wanted some samples of their yogurt. Of course, being a yogurt lover, I immediately said “YES PLEASE!” (: The representatives from Chobani were really friendly and super organised! I received a call from them to arrange a suitable time for the goodies to be sent to my home. They said they would try for next day delivery, but no promises. But the next morning, there was a box of delicious greek yogurt delivered to my doorstep!

As you can see, I was still in my pjs! haha (: I was a very happy girl! I have to admit though, that when they told me they were going to send me some samples, I thought I was going to get a maximum of 6. So when I saw how big the box was, I was (delightfully) shocked! 12 generous tubs!

I was given 2 tubs of a variety of 6 flavours each : plain, pineapple, peach, mango, blueberry and strawberry! And I couldn’t wait to dive into them! They were all either low fat or no fat (2% or 0%) which just means there are really good for u! Especially those who are health conscious. Score!

So, before I get into the review, just want to share a little bit about myself. I come from a family who LOVES pineapples. Everyone (except my dear brother) loves pineapples. My dad would head to Pon Tian (a state in Malaysia) and buy back at least 8-10 of their sweetest pineapples for the whole family! The ones he gets are super good though! You can actually eat the core and it’s really crunchy! So when I saw pineapple as one of the flavours… Oh happy days! (:

So without a second thought, I tried (almost immediately after I unload them into my fridge) the pineapple! And when I first peel off the foil, I was greeted by a thick and smooth layer of greek yogurt, and started to wonder, where is the pineapple? Then you stick a spoon in and dig all the way to the bottom, and tadah! the yummy, jammy layer of fruit! Mmm mmm!

Almost similar to a kinder surprise where you don’t really know what at the bottom will look like till you dig in! hehe I’m not sure about you, but I only ever used greek yogurt in my cooking. The natural ones that it. And all I remember from trying a tiny bit of natural is my eye squinting cos of the tartness! haha and before Chobani, I never had a fruity greek yogurt before. I never thought the tartness of the greek yogurt would go so well with fruits! But boy was I wrong. The jammy layer of fruit was just sweet enough to go with the thick and creamy yogurt and really complimented each other! And before I knew it.


Became this!

My favourite was no doubt the pineapple and also the blueberry! Unfortunately,there will always be a flavour that im not a big fan of, and that was the peach. To me the peach was a little too sour and just didn’t compliment the greek yogurt as well as the others, it still had a tartness to it, a bit too much to my liking! But I had a solution for that.

I added some homemade muesli and what a good brekkie that made! And healthy too! I did that for the mango as well (as pictured) and it was really good! Of course, it would also go well with the natural plain greek yogurt but I had other plans for it.

I mixed it with some aubergine and chilli pickle, and it went so went with my corn & okra fritters!

Of course, don’t just take my word for it, do go get some tubs to try it for yourself! They can be found in the yogurt aisle at Woolworths for $2 a tub! And do let me know what you think after you’ve given it a try! Would love to know what you think! (:

I just want to sincerely thank the representatives of Chobani for contacting me and being so generous with the samples! I couldn’t be happier with all the tubs of yogurt I tasted and it definitely made a good breakfast or snack for work!

Once again, thank you Chobani Australia! And as the slogan says, it is definitely ‘nothing but good!’ (:

Disclaimer : There is no financial attachment with this post. I am doing this review as a personal opinion of the product. 

21 thoughts on “{Product Review} Chobani

  1. Dee says:

    Oh man lucky you!! a box of goodness. Because I have been seeing you with your yogurt on Instagram, I bought one meself- love love love the mango! and with extra muesli on the top for super duper goodness,
    Keep up the good work- love your pictures esp the one with your monkey pjs *wink*

    • liannelow says:

      aww thanks Dee! (: hehe So glad that you loved Chobani too! hehe It’s soooo good! try the pineapple or blueberry next! hehe You keep u your super pretty artwork and jewelry too! love them! hehe x

  2. Daisy@Nevertoosweet says:

    Luckyyy to get a whole box of Chobani 🙂 I’m always out of Chobani yoghurt all the time! LOL LOVE it and you know that so i’m gonna stop repeating myself hehe 😛 just really wished they sold at COLES lor! LOL

  3. Cath says:

    Lucky you! I have these every day that I’m in the office sprinkled with a my own mix of sunflower seeds, poppyseeds, quinoa, hazelnuts and museli – absolutely divine! Blueberry is my favourite 🙂

  4. Emily, Chobani Greek Yogurt says:

    Hi, friends! Thank you all for your Chobani-lovin’ and flavour feedback!

    There’s lots of exciting things happening at Chobani in Oz at the moment. Please connect with us via Facebook (facebook.com/Chobani) and Twitter (@ChobaniAU) – we’ll keep you posted on all the latest happenings, and pretty much everything yogurt-related!

    Stay in touch!

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