Bendigo St Milk Bar

Bendigo St Milkbar

I’ve been very lucky this year and have come to know a few really good friends who are sure to be keepers. It’s really amazing how friendships can form through the love of food! Absolutely love it! (: My dearest Peach Water was so lovely to invite me to accompany her for brunch last weekend. She was invited by 360 Immerse Agency to visit the Bendigo St Milk Bar and she decided to bring me along! Whoopeedoo! hehe I’m one lucky duck! heh

Bendigo St Milk Bar

Address : 37 Bendigo Street, Burnley Vic 

Tel : 03 94284196

I’ve never really visited any milk bars that have been converted into a cafe before. So I was really excited about this visit! When we entered the cafe, it didn’t look anything like a milk bar. Instead, it was really spacious and had two dining areas. One was just right opposite the beautiful glass cabinet of sandwiches and yummy display of cakes! The other is a small cosy room filled with smaller tables. Love the decors in the place, had colourful paintings and spruced with small pots of plants everywhere! Initially, we wanted to sit in the small enclosed area, but because the weather was bright and sunny that afternoon, we decided to head to their backyard instead!

chai soy latter

When we sat down, we were immediately asked what we wanted to drink before browsing the menu.

I was really glad they served chai soy latte, so that’s what I ordered! Sadly, there wasn’t much of a chai taste to my latte, it almost just tasted like a cup of hot soy milk with a hint of chai. I have to say though, that thankfully, they didn’t use the syrup to make their chai! But would be good if they allowed the chai leaves to be brewed a little longer.

Hot chocolate

Peach Water’s hot chocolate was also quite a let down. When it first arrived, she had a taste and found that is was overly sweet. So she asked for them to add a little more milk into it. They were nice enough to make another cup freshly for her, but this time, it turned out too milky and wasn’t chocolatey at all. It was a pity, as both drinks looked really good when they were served to us!


Thankfully, the food was amazing! Just scheming through the menu, we both knew what we were going to order. But just before we did, we were chatting to the staff and asking her what she would recommend. As Peach Water loves her mushrooms, the staff told her she would not regret ordering it! And so she did! The field mushrooms were marinated in lemon, garlic and herbs and topped with rocket dressed with creamy goats cheese, poached eggs and served on top of toasted cibatta. Those mushrooms were SO GOOD. They looked so simple, but they were packed full of flavour! The ciabatta was really yummy and light! I would go back just to have it! Delish!

Corn fritters

If you know me, I am addicted to corn fritters. So when I saw it on the menu, I just had to order it! The staff said that it was a hot item on the menu, score! (: The corn fritters were swerved with avocado salsa, rocket and poached eggs. Every bite I took, there were corn kernels popping in my mouth! My rocket was dressed differently from Peach Water’s. It was lightly dressed with a vinaigrette and had a little tang to it. Everything just went perfectly and boy do chefs at Bendigo St Milk Bar know how to poach their eggs. All our eggs were perfectly poached with a molten middle!

Poached eggs perfectly cooked

Of course, both of us had fun taking shots of the runny yolk! A pity I didn’t snap Peach Water‘s plate after she cut into hers. Do head over to her post to see! Hers looked like two pac men! haha Love it!

egg porn shot

One more shot from the top! (: I couldn’t help it, sorry! hehe Love how orangey the yolk is. AMAZEBALLS! hehe The yolk was perfect as a sauce for my fritters! I usually can’t finish my meals, but I ate it all up, not a single drop of egg yolk was left on the plate hehe



We then moved inside to get some cool air, as it was getting really hot. Bendigo St Milk Bar also had a range of sweets to choose from after the savoury and that’s exactly what we did! But we were both really stuffed from our mains, so we decided to share a slice of lemon drizzle cake. Mmm, love citrus in my cakes!

Lemon drizzle cake

The cake was really moist in the middle and became crumbly as we made our way through to the edge. It was a little too sweet for our palette but I love how it had a really strong lemon flavour to it. It would be perfect! The edge was a little darker, but I actually quite like the caramelised bits! hehe If I had more space in my tummy, I would order a cup of hot tea to have with this.

It was definitely a good experience at Bendigo St Milk Bar besides the drinks at the start. But we definitely enjoyed the food that we had and I would definitely head back for more mushrooms! Noms! Thank you Peach Water for bringing me as your guest! (: Wonderful experience! Do head over to Peach Water to see her wonderful pictures and review!

Disclaimer : I went as a guest of Peach Water who was invited by 360 Immerse Agency to visit Bendigo St Milk Bar. Thank you very much for this opportunity! (:

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13 thoughts on “Bendigo St Milk Bar

  1. Peach Water says:

    You’re most welcome my dearest friend 🙂
    Also, your photos look amazing! Great job on the angles and the colours turned out really well!
    Hope to have another catch up with you when you come back from overseas next year!

  2. Daisy@Nevertoosweet says:

    WOO HOO 🙂 great review! I love places that use to be something else and now they’ve changed it into a cafe ~ just like Coin Laundry Cafe in Armadale hehe haven’t heard of this cafe but they seem to do their dishes so well ~ Definitely a classic shot of EGG PORN!!! YUMMMM!!!!

    Ps. Love the new layout 🙂

    • liannelow says:

      hehe thanks love! (: hehe I have yet to try Coin Laundry Cafe and lots of others! Too many places to go to! hehe and yes! Love places that do poached eggs well! Molten egg yolk is a must! hehe

      Glad u like the layout! Just wanted a change! This is just temp! hehe cause it’s actually my very first layout haha Get bored easily! oops! 😛


    • liannelow says:

      absolutely! So many to visit that are in the suburbs. Love it! hehe and yes! those orange egg yolks puts a smile on my face! Maybe you could make some corn fritters! hehe

  3. greg@urbanspoon says:

    Hi Lianne,

    Your first posts just appeared on Urbanspoon! Check it out:

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