Won’t Be Crying Over This… Spilt Milk

Ever since we moved, we have been trying to look for a brunch/breakfast place that is nearer to our house. So going through my super long list, I realise there is one that is relatively nearby and has the cutest name : Spilt Milk !

Spilt Milk is a boutique cafe specialising in coffee that newly opened in May this year. It’s a super cosy place and when you walk through the doors, you are greeted by the friendliest people ever! While we were there, many people came in just to take away their coffees, even when it was pouring outside! So it definitely says alot of good things about their coffee aye? hehe *SLURPS*

Love all the wooden decors in the cafe with shelves of baked goods and sandwiches! Everything just looks so good!

When we were all comfortably seated, we ordered some hot drinks to warm our tummies up while deciding what we want to eat. The dishes were named after animals! So interesting and cute! I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to have. hehe

I was so happy that they had bonsoy and their chai is made from powder. Not those syrup things. hehe So I just had to order it! The mr had a long black that morning because he had a competition in the afternoon and was trying to make sure he would make his weight category. So he decided to skip the milk that morning. hehe He’s a funny one (:

We decided on three animals that morning :

Kong Seng ordered the Sheep – Baked free range eggs served in a pan with sundried tomatoes, spinach, fetta on sour dough and chilli jam. He was given the choice of runny yolks and of course he took it! hehe

I ordered the Zebra because I was craving for some avocado hehe it includes  two slices of olive sourdough smeared with avocado and ricotto with onion jam and baked bacon

The mr order the Donkey – Poached eggs om sourdough, bacon, spinach and spiced capsicum aioli. He requested for them to leave the bread out (trying to reduce the amount of carbs he takes for comp! haha) but they forgot about it and it came with bread. Half way through the meal, they came to apologise for their mistake but we were totally fine with it! hehe Kong Seng had the bread for the mr in the end. hehe so all good! Besides, it would look quite funny without the bread don’t you think? hehe much prettier with. hehe But it was really nice of them!

To our surprise and delight, a plate of yummy brownies were placed on our table and it was on the house! AWESOME! hehe and of course, these brownies had an animal name too : Squirrel ! hehe How cute! They were super fudgy, just the way I love my brownies! and every mouthful were full of walnuts. Yummos!

So with awesome coffee, great food, super cute names of dishes and the friendliest service, do head there the next time you are around Carnegie! (: We will definitely be back for more (the lunch menu is super tempting! hehe)

Happy midweek everyone! (: Just 3 more days till the weekend!

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