{Quick & Easy} Breakfast

Ever woke up in the morning and just feel like something quick and yummy for breakfast? Boy do I have a quick fix for you! Something naughty and nice (or good, but nice sounds better haha) (:

Baked eggs! Bacon and eggs with a touch of cheese. haha Knowing me, it’s not really a touch. It’s more like an overdose of cheese. But well, that is entirely up to you! You can change the amount of cheese you want, and also change what you want in your baked eggs. And the nice (or good) part – avocado on toast! Wish I had some feta. Would be awesome! (: Anyways. Here is the recipe, hopefully you will get your quick fix at home this weekend!

Have a great weekend ahead everyone! xo

PS : I’ve got mixed reviews on the recipe cards, especially the last one I used. I’ve change the font and made it clearer (I hope!) so let me know if this is better! I will be mixing it around, and the recipe cards will only be used for short and quick recipes! (: Enjoy!

28 thoughts on “{Quick & Easy} Breakfast

  1. Peach Water says:

    WOOOOO cheese!! The more cheese the better!!! 😀

    And thanks for the recipe – i might try it out one day, if I bother stepping into the kitchen to cook 😛

    Anyway, Love the recipe cards, and girl, these theme is awesome! Love it!

    • liannelow says:

      Hehe high five! More cheese the better! Woo! Hehe thanks dearie! I love getting feedback! So glad you’re liking the recipe cards and the new blog layout! Hehe tryin to come up with a logo! Haha but my arts kills are beyond…. :p xx

  2. Daisy@Nevertoosweet says:

    This is JUST the recipe I need! Mr Bao always wants warm breakfast lol and orders baked eggs whenever we go out 🙂 so if I can make them at home it’ll be great ~ cheaper and maybe healthier lol depending how much cheap I put in them 😛

    • liannelow says:

      hehe (: Absolutely! Definitely cheaper but not sure about healthier. haha Especially with the amount of cheese I use. But well, love it too much to not have it in the dish! hehe Hope you and Mr Bao will love it!

  3. hte says:

    i think i preferred it without the recipe cards.. it was easier to read and copy out.
    looks pretty messy but yummy hahaha going to try it sometime!

    • liannelow says:

      haha thanks for your feedback! Will do it less often then! Just wanted to have a change! but yes. it’s yummy and hopefully you’ll still try it regardless of the mess! haha

      • hte says:

        should leave some positive feedback haha.. at first i didnt like it when you changed the site so that the first page is an overview of your entries, but now im finding it a much easier to browse through your entries with the new system =)

      • liannelow says:

        aww thanks! (: that was my main reason to change. for easier navigtion and people could quickly see what I posted for the past few entries!

        Don’t worry! constructive feedback is most welcome here! and thank you for that! I’ve change the recipe card to something I think is clearer. What do you think? Or still prefer me typing them out on the post?

      • hte says:

        typing it out would still win for me because its the *easiest* to read and can be copied, saved, printed more easily, but at least this current card is much easier to read!

      • liannelow says:

        haha okie! (: you can actually download and save the cards too! but no worries! I’ll type most of my recipes out anyways! hehe

    • liannelow says:

      aww thanks Ames! (: and thank you so so much for the award! and congrats to you for being awarded it as well cos you definitely deserved it! hehe xx

    • liannelow says:

      aAww thanks babe! (: I’m feeling so loved by everyone! Getting all the awards in one shot! hehe Thank you thank you!

      and yes! hehe at least there is a healthy part to the meal right? hehe (: Balance is the key! hehe Hope you will enjoy the dish! Plus you can always reduce the amount of cheese and change the stuffing in the baked eggs if you want to! hehe

      • kellysiew says:

        Yeah I always make different types of baked eggs but haven’t actually added cheese. It’s a brilliant idea! Smashed avo on toast (with feta) happens to be one of my favourites too. 😀

      • liannelow says:

        hehe yes i saw your post on it! (: It’s so good with feta ya? I sadly didn’t have feta in my fridge that day or I would have put it on as well! hehe

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