Guest Post : My Baby !

One of the people who inspires me to cook and bake is no doubt my baby

and of course he himself is a chef! hehe and when he cooks, the food is just awesome! hehe

some of his famous dishes are his crispy skin pork that my family adores, his chicken rice, and of course during chinese new year, his big treasure pot! (: There are alot more, so stay tuned for more in the future! hehe

so a week ago, while walking and shopping for groceries at Woolworths, we saw yam selling cheap! so baby decided to get a relatively big one and make steamed yam cake!

so what is steamed yam cake? it’s a local delicacy back home in sunny Singapore and is usually enjoyed as morning snacks or even for breakfast with rice rolls and a special sweet sauce. This savoury snack is always enjoyed in my house as well as in baby’s household and his grandma makes the best ones I heard (: It’s made of cubed yam and rice flour and is denser than the steamed carrot cake (and my mummy makes a mean carrot cake which I miss so much), and is topped with spring onions, fried shallots, chilli and dried shrimps! I had it for breakfast this morning and it’s super yummy!

So try and make it and hope you will enjoy it as much we did! (:

Recipe : (Adapted from Indochine Kitchen)

For Cake Base

90 grams sweet chinese sausage (lap cheong), sliced into thin rounds
750g yam/taro, peeled and cubed (0.5″)
250 grams rice flour, soaked overnight with 1 cup of water
5 cloves garlic, minced
30 ml cooking oil
1 liters water

For Topping

50 grams dried shrimps, coarsely chopped
50 grams red chili, seeded and finely chopped
50 grams scallions, finely chopped
250 grams shallots, finely sliced and deep-fried
25grams sesame seed, toasted
1/4 tablespoon sugar

Steps :


1. Heat half of cooking oil in a wok or large pan and stir fry half of minced garlic for 4 to 5 minutes till fragrant. Then add the chinese sausages and fry to fragrant. Add the taro cubes, keep stirring.

2. Add 1 liter of water and cook for another 10 minutes till boiling and stir continuously to prevent sticking.

3. Then add the soaked rice flour and wait till boiling.

4. Remove from heat and transfer to heat-proof bowl / casserole dish.

5. Steam over high heat for 1 hour. Remove and set aside.


1. Heat another half of cooking oil in the same pan and stir fry the rest of the garlic till fragrant, for 4 to 5 minutes. Add the dried shrimps and sugar, stir fry for 5 minutes

2. When everything is mixed well together, remove from heat


1. When ready to be served, reheat the yam cake base by steaming (A) for 10 minutes, with a covered steamer

2. Sprinkle (B) generously on top of the cake. Cover and steam for another 5 minutes

3. Add chopped chili on top, cover and steam for 5 minutes

4. Lastly, add chopped scallions. Steam for another 5 minutes. Remove from heat

5. Right before serving, top the cake with toasted sesame seeds and fried shallots.

absolutely divine. thanks sweetie for cooking it! (:

10 thoughts on “Guest Post : My Baby !

    • liannelow says:

      thanks Lorraine! (: yes most definitely! when it’s homemade, we can put as much of what we like on it! haha (: I’m just lucky that my bf loves to cook too!

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