Turning 27 (Part 3) : Merchants Guild

Brunch at Merchants Guild

Yes, my birthday celebration continues! (: This time with my favourite mother and daughter team : Peggy & Paige! hehe While researching for where to dine at, we decided to head to somewhere close to both our homes, so I went through my list and decided on Merchants Guild! The weather was beautiful, so we took a nice stroll there to have brunch.

Merchants Guild

Address : 680 Centre Road, Bentleigh East

Website : http://themerchantsguild.com/

my lunch date

If you follow me on instagram (@lianneelow) you would see alot of photos of Paige just cause she is so gorgeous! (: Doesn’t she just melt your heart? I was so so lucky to be able to have brunch with her and her beautiful mum on my actual day. As the Mr had work that day, Peggy was so sweet to spend the day with me. Thank you again!

Chai latte

We started our brunch with chai lattes. I love it when cafes serve their chai lattes in a pot! It was richly spiced and something just so comforting about it. I’m not sure how many times I’ve said it, but I do love my chai lattes! hehe Especially if there it is served with a side of honey. Mmmm (: I could drink it all day I reckon!

Eggs benedict

There were many attractive things on the menu, but I decided to stick to the all-time favourite of mine – eggs benedict! At Merchants Guild, they actually change the flavour of their hollandaise and that day, it was a herb hollandaise that was thick and delicious, but not overly rich.

Roasted potato bubble & squeak

Peggy ordered the roast potato bubble & squeak with smoked trout with a side of horseradish cream, cornichons and poached eggs. It was so delicious and when I tried it, I knew that the Mr would definitely love this! He’s a huge bubble & squeak fan, so much so that he requested I made it for him for brunch. The smoked trout pieces were mixed into the bubble & squeak and the horseradish cream had a subtle spiciness! Yummilicious!

Buckwheat pancakes

Both of us were drawn to the buckwheat pancakes on the menu, so we had to order a serve to share. They were so good! Thin pancakes topped with grilled pears that were so soft. The chocolate fudge was so rich and decadent, tasted like nutella! So so good! It was drizzled with a whiskey maple sauce that really had a kick to it. We couldn’t stop saying “so good!” haha The roasted hazelnuts added a crunch that gave the dish more textures. Absolutely loved this!

Cutie pie

Thank you again for the company and for the treat (: Definitely had a great time and you both made my day! Great food, awesome company, happy bellies and endless smiles! 27 is gonna be a great year I’m sure! hehe Definitely gonna bring the mr here to try the food, and no prizes on guessing what he will have! hehe

Remember to always cook and bake with love! (:

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6 thoughts on “Turning 27 (Part 3) : Merchants Guild

  1. Peach says:

    Sorry for the belated comment. Didnt get a chance at all this week with blog readings, but now i have a bit of spare time to catch up!

    Anyway, gorgeous photos and write up again 🙂
    thanks to you, ive also falln in love with chai latte. im generally the type for simple flavours but for some reason, chai spices really warms the heart for me!

    The bubble squeak dish definitely added to eat list now. big fan of gherkins and anything potato tbh.

    and yes, Paige is definitely so cutie pie!!!

    • liannelow says:

      hehe no worries dearie! (: I know you’ve been swarmed with work! But it’s a good thing to be busy! hehe I’m so glad that you like chai latte as much as I do now! hehe it’s always my choice of drink when I know the cafe makes them from spices instead of the yucky syrup! hehe My comfort drink for sure! hehe like you said, warms the heart! hehe

      I think you will like the bubble & squeak! hehe Lester is also a big fan of gherkins! hehe I usually don’t have them, but it adds a whole new dimension to the dish with the tangy kick! hehe

      Thanks for your kind words once again! hehe Still learning how to make my photographs better. hehe Paige is definitely a sweetheart and melts my heart everytime I see her!

      Have a great weekend! xx

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