Brunch Sunday : Chez Dre

South Melbourne is a gem. Its filled with good food, desserts and you can get almost anything you want or need from there. One of the reasons why I love weekends is because I get to spend time with the mr and do what we love. Eat and explore more of Melbourne together (:

Chez Dre

Add : 287 Coventry Street (Rear), South Melbourne, Vic

Tel : 03 96902688

It’s not my first time here at this amazing cafe. The first time I was introduced to this amazing place because of the desserts they offer. They have to ability to draw you in and just go “WAH!” You then want to buy everything that is on display. haha

I wasn’t joking was I? Don’t you just want to buy everything and try them? hehe I had to resist and bought 4 back this time. And they were all delicious! The chocolate tart is the Mr’s favourite, the hazelnut praline crunch was mine! We also had the salted caramel eclair and the pistachio & fig cake (can’t quite remember the exact name! Sorry!) They were all delicious! Want to head back and try the rest! (:

Well. We weren’t there for only the sweets. Our initial plan was to head there for brunch! hehe So we did!

As Chez Dre doesn’t have chai, I ordered a cappuccino instead. I do love a cup of coffee once in a while though I’m usually a chai/tea kind of girl. hehe But their coffee was really good and topping it with the cocoa powder was perfect!

The Mr had his usual latte. I’m always intrigued by the way the baristas draw the art with the milk and froth. It’s really a talent. Been wanting to do the coffee barista course but never got around to doing it. haha

This was the black pudding, caramelised onion and tomato chutney omelet that the mr ordered and it was DE-LI-CIOUS! I knew it was what the Mr was going to order as it had black pudding in it and the mr loves black pudding! hehe Was a really good choice though!

I, on the other hand, have an obsession with corn fritters. And lucky me went on the day that had corn fritters as a breakfast special! hehe So of course, I had to order the special. It came with a poached egg, avocado and a capsicum salsa. It was yummy but the corn fritter was a little more like a pancake and could do with a bit more corn. Everything complimented each other though! So was still delicious and I was very happy! hehe

The egg was poached perfectly and the runny yolk just acted as the sauce for the fritters! I was like a kid receiving candy when I cut into the egg and the yolk just flowed out. NOMS! Couldn’t stop smiling hehe

I have to admit, the portion size is smaller than the other places we’ve had brunch at, but the food was pretty good and everything was cooked perfectly. So we couldn’t really ask for more (although we would love more haha). We will definitely be back to Chez Dre, if not for the food, then for their amazing desserts! (:

What is your favourite dessert from Chez Dre? Would love to know!

16 thoughts on “Brunch Sunday : Chez Dre

  1. Felicia (@felhuang) says:

    Hazelnut praline definitely! In fact, I ordered a small hazelnut praline cake for my friend’s dinner party and it was a massive hit! ๐Ÿ™‚ What did you think of the pistachio fig cake? I love pistachio so it was quite good but not as good as hazelnut praline or chocolate tart haha.

    • liannelow says:

      haha yes! Hazelnut praline crunch is the top on my list! I liked the pistachio fig cake but definitely not as much as the hazelnut praline. haha (: Loved the fig jelly in the middle though! And lucky friend of yours! I have no doubts it would be a hit!

      • Felicia (@felhuang) says:

        Everyone loved the cake, absolute hit! Even the vegans were decided to try it as it looked too good hahaha. The fig jelly is great, such an interesting combination, but if they have a pistacho crunchy layer, it would be even better! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • liannelow says:

        haha yes i agree! I find that the pistachio cream is a little artificial in flavour in the first bite! But after that it gets better (:

  2. ironchefshellie says:

    We went after the Simon Johnson sale, and would you believe I… yes ME didn’t buy a single sweet! I think I was just too tired and overwhelmed ๐Ÿ˜› Alas, there will be a next time!

    • liannelow says:

      Really???? OH MY! I couldn’t resist! I went to look at the display immediately after being showed to our seats! haha Was like a kid in a candy store to be honest! ๐Ÿ˜›

      Awww. Wish I went to the Simon Johnson sale too!!! Would love some french butter in the fridge! hehe Next time I’m sure you’ll buy some sweets back! hehe I highly recommend the chocolate tart and hazelnut praline crunch!

  3. Daisy@Nevertoosweet says:

    I’ve gone quite a few times myself and have taken photos but still haven’t blogged about them ๐Ÿ™‚ They’re desserts are definitely the high light for me! Thank you so much for buying me a Chocolate Tart! You didn’t have to ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re too sweet ~ I loved it! Soooo glad I work so close hehe think it’s time I went back for lunch ~ and get MORE DESSERTS WOO HOO!

    • liannelow says:

      Haha yes dessert queen! Hehe cos I remember we had a conversation abt the desserts and I asked u if u had the choc tart and u didn’t! So wanted u to try it hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ no worries! As long as I enjoyed it! Hehe go get more!

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