at a house warming, what kind of dessert would you serve a whole group of very good friends?

of course something everyone would enjoy and something you know your guest would enjoy.

at my own mini house warming. I decided to make tiramisu.

not a sophisticated dessert, but what’s better than the combination of coffee, kahlua and mascarpone?


haha no I kid. I’m sure there are other combinations that might just be better than this. but for that night, I think that would be a perfect combination for a after burger dessert. (: Not just any burger. It’s baby’s special burger stuffed with cheese!

I learnt this yummy dessert from Vanessa (thanks for the recipe though I know you’ve got to attend to something more urgent, hope you’re doing okay) at a cooking class I attended a couple of years ago. and to me, this recipe is simple and the result is better than those store bought ones! But because it’s her recipe, I won’t be posting the recipe on my blog. Sorry about that!

I’m glad that everyone enjoyed the dessert as well as the burgers! (: Thanks for coming everyone! It’s a pity we didn’t take pictures of that night as well as more food pictures. I shall attempt to steal some photos from Queenie haha.

and just for Cheok and my baby at home, I made a secret second one in the fridge! haha Just in case we have those sugar cravings through the week!

want a bite ? hehe

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