Stuffed Chicken Legs with Pea and Broad-bean Risotto

Friday nights are always fabulous dinner nights.
Baby and I try new recipes to cook and bake.
just so to take the stress off that is induced from Uni or work.
and it always works! (:

So this week. Baby decided to make one of the dishes that I have been wanting to try :

It had alot of preparation before you actually get to sink your teeth into the yums.
So thank you for the effort sweets!

so yes. this is what you do to make the stuffed chicken legs

take slices of streaky bacon and lay them side by side
on an oiled big sheet of aluminium foil.

the chicken legs were stuffed with sausage meat, pistachios, parsley and thyme.
wrap the leg to form this round beauty
place it on the slices of bacon
and wrap it into a roll

very carefully twist the sides.
careful not to tear the aluminium foil.

Baby did it in cling wrap first
just so you get to see how it should look like inside! (:

you boil it for 25mins and take it out onto a plate
and chill it in the fridge for 30mins.

take out the foil and you should get something like this!
it should stay in the rolled up shape

pan fry the rolls to crisp up the bacon
till it’s nice and brown

then slice it into thick medallions to show off the inside (:

the pistachios just gives this nice colour to the dish

serve them on a plate of risotto.

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