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jelly hearts ♥

♥  on a plate. made with love.

I’ve made these a few times now.
but Baby never had a chance to try them
cos I made them last year when we were a million km away from each other. hehe
so i decided to make some for him to try!
and since I bought strawberries from our visit to Costco that day.
it was the perfect timing to make it! (:

see the HUGE box of Philly cream cheese and the HUGE block of unsalted butter?
I got them at Costco! hehe
cos it’s buying in bulk and buying them at a cheaper price!
and the strawberries were cheap and super sweet.
just awesome (:

(pic stolen from Peggy’s album haha sorry babe!)

see the block of butter in comparison to Peggy’s face?
haha. SUPER huge right?
yes. I wasn’t overemphasizing the HUGE at all. haha

the cream cheese and the butter were bigger than the box of digestives for the first time!

now that I got the “logistics” explained. haha
here is the recipe so you all can enjoy!

Ingredients :

320g digestive biscuits
160g melted butter

250g cream cheese
2 1/4 tsp gelatine powder
70g sugar
150ml hot water
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
20 medium sized strawberries

Topping (Jelly)
1 packet (170g) strawberry flavoured Jell’o
1 1/2 cups hot watr
1 1/2 cold water

Steps :


1. Crush biscuits and stir in melted butter
2. Divide and press onto the base of the try. Chill for 15mins or until needed.

3. Prick base with the back of a skewer (I used a fork) before pouring in the filling.


1. Using a small heart shaped cutter (1″) and cut hearts out of the strawberry halves.
Place on a plate lined with paper towel.

(and don’t worry. the left over strawberries are not wasted! you can use it in your smoothies!)

2. Place gelatine and sugar in a bowl.
Pour boiling water over and stir until gelatine has dissolved.
If it doesn’t dissolve completely, place this bowl over a bigger bowl filled with boiling hot water.

3. Cream the cream cheese and vanilla essence together.
Add the gelatine syrup gradually and cream until smooth.
Pour into tray(s).

4. Place 20 hearts on each try, partially submerged in the cheese.
(I refrigerate the cream cheese for 15 mins before submerging the strawberries.
Just so they don’t sink in all the way).

Refrigerate until firm about 2 hours.


1. Dissolve Jell’O in boiling water. Add cold water and stir well.

2. Cool completely before pouring over the cheese filling.
(Try and pour really slowly and over the strawberries instead of the cheese so that the jelly stays clear)

3. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving.

a row of ♥s. (:

we have a bit to last us for the week!

Baby’s verdict : it’s damn good la! haha. WHEEEE!