Home-made pork dumplings

all wrapped up before they were put into boiling soup! hehe

individual portions. hehe YUMMYY!

we made a while big pot! haha.
over enthusiastic you may say. hehe
but we were super happy!

wantons with mince meat noodles.
perfect match!

so give it a try! hehe

Ingredients :

350g of mince pork
10 chestnuts, cut into small pieces
4 huge dried mushrooms, soaked and cut into small pieces
3 stalks of spring onion
1 tsp corn flour
soy sauce, salt and pepper for seasoning
wanton skins

Steps :

1. Mix all the ingredients together well.

2. Place a portion on the wanton skin
wet the two sides of the skin and fold it into half.
Press all the air out and stick two of the ends together to form a wanton!

Wantons. DONE!

not too difficult yes? hehe
give it a try!

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