Highpoint : A New Fresh Food Market In Town!

Yes, dear readers. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you! There is a new fresh food market in town! It’s at Highpoint that is located at the western suburbs of Melbourne, in Marinyrnong to be exact! I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to attend their launch that was on the 18th of October. But unfortunately, due to work commitments, I wasn’t able to attend it. Sad. But Jessica (from Mango) offered to send me a hamper and in return, I told her that I would visit Highpoint on a weekend and grab some fresh food to whip something up and share it on my blog! (:


Address : 100/200 Rosamond Road, Maribyrnong VIC 3032

The fresh food market is actually the completed first stage of development of the shopping mall and there is much more to come! You could practically get everything there as it includes multiple specialty fresh food retailers, Woolworths and much more! I was really impressed the moment I stepped into the new extension. It’s like a one-stop-shop! The first thing that greets you is this bright and exciting Fruit and Vegetable Market that sells heaps of fresh ingredients! They arrange their fruit and vegetables according to categories; you’ll find all sorts of tomatoes in an area, potatoes in another, and citrus in a separate zone! Really easy to find what you want!

The colours just pop out don’t they? I felt happy just walking down every aisle! I was intrigued by the different varieties of each fruit and veg that was available for us to purchase! Almost like a kid in a candy store I tell you. haha

As I was walking, I was trying to think of what I could create for dinner that night! Fortunately, I had the mr with me, so we were throwing ideas back and forth to each other! Needless to say, he has always been a great inspiration to me! (: We decided to do something a little different – an asian inspired pasta dish! So off I went picking what I could use for the night (and more! haha I couldn’t really help myself).

We were so excited to see so many asian vegetables there! They even had some that we could hardly find at the usual supermarkets! Like the Jerusalem artichokes and purple asparagus! Yes, purple! Not the usual green ones!

They also had an area for fresh asian greens. Everything was placed so neatly and labelled well too, so you would be well informed of the price and type of veg/fruit you’re looking at. I’m always in awe of the people who arrange their produce so neatly and treating everything with pride. I remember heading to Victoria Market for the first time 8 years ago, and couldn’t stop going “Wah wah wah!” when I saw how they displayed their meats! So hats off to all the staff who are doing a fantastic job.

Walking further into the new extension, you are greeted by Yes It’s Fresh Deli, Baker’s Delight on the right, and on the left, Fish Pier. Fish Pier offered a range of fresh and frozen seafood which all looked really good! My eyes was just going back and forth and thinking what I should get!

The first thing I was drawn to was the supreme marinara mix! I think cause it was really colourful. I do love my colours (and textures) in my food! So wasn’t surprising that I was focused on that. hehe So it was settled, I had to get my hands on some of those marinara! It includes both big and small prawns, pieces of salmon, ling fillets , scallops, mussels and calamari! Noms!

What about meat you say? Next to Fish Pier is the Melbourne Fresh Meats that sells a whole range of meats and poultry. You would be spoiled for choice. But because I did marketing recently, and had beef in my freezer. I was looking at the chicken and pork sections.

There was also an asian supermarket where you can get all your sauces, can food, snacks and dried food! See, I wasn’t lying when I said it’s a one-stop-destination to get your groceries was I?

We definitely left with almost 8 bags full of things! I was very very fortunate to receive a $50 gift voucher to spend at the Fresh Food Market and $25 from the Melbourne Fresh Meats courtesy of Highpoint & Mango! So thank you so so much! It’s my first ever sponsorship for Food Made With Love! Very exciting! hehe So here’s a sneak peak of what I got and I am so going back cause I still have credits left! hehe

So thank you again to the fresh food retailers at Highpoint and Mango for your generosity! Stay tuned for the next post as I will sharing with you what I came up with, as promised! (: So what are you waiting for? Head down to Highpoint asap!

13 thoughts on “Highpoint : A New Fresh Food Market In Town!

  1. peach says:

    \O/ Congratz hunz!!! 😀 So happy for you!
    Im at work (SHHHH), so I cant see the photos, so gonna re–read it tonight!

    For me highpoint is WAYYYYY out of the way so I dont think I would travel that far ;p

  2. Daisy@Nevertoosweet says:

    Congrats Dearie 🙂 so happy for you and it’s a great review! I love all the photos of all that amazingly fresh produce!

    I ve heard about the new fresh food market in high point on the radio but it’s a little out of my way to visit 🙂 but still going to make time! Cuz I m pretty sure I read that there were some really nice cafes around that area too ~

    Enjoy all the yummy ingredients you picked up!!! Xox

    • liannelow says:

      hehe thanks love! (: it’s really a great experience for me! hehe Couldn’t be happier! hehe Definitely should go visit then head around the area for brunch or something! hehe You won’t be disappointed! hehe x

  3. Vien @ We Dare Food says:

    wow! everything looks really good and well-stocked!! I hate it when I’m at Woolies and they don’t have some ingredients (veggies/fruits) that I’m looking for!!!! Can’t wait to see what you made up! 😀

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