Date Night : Snag Stand

Due to work, the mr and I really treasure the nights and weekends we get to head out, relax and spend quality time together. It’s been a very long time since we watched a movie in the big screens, so we decided to head to the city on one of the Mondays a while back. We were going to catch The Dark Knight Rises at Melbourne Central so I decided to have hotdogs for dinner. I’ve been seeing heaps of pictures on the mouth-watering food from Snag Stand so I told the mr to meet me there after he finished tutoring at Uni.

Snag Stand

Address : Corner La Trobe and Swanston Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Website :

The Snag Stand is conveniently located in the middle of the city and would be a perfect place to head to when the weather is nice and warm! It kinda reminds me of those hotdog carts you always see in movies, where you can buy and have it on the go. Of course you can stand or sit around their round bar tables, and just savour every single bite. Don’t get me wrong, their hotdogs are by no means ordinary. They have a huge range of sausages, stuffed in a variety of bread rolls, and the toppings they have just makes their hotdogs super yummy!

When I was browsing the menu, I just wanted to have an order of everything. haha Cause I couldn’t decide on what I should have! So I waited for the mr to help me in the decision-making. What I really like is that they cater to different dietary requirements! They even have vegetarian options, which is awesome! (:

So after some time, we decided on a couple of ‘haute dogs’ and a side of chilli cheese fries! Mmmm !

The first one we chose was the Wagyu Beef that is served up in a rustic roll, with butter and garlic mash, herbed gravy and topped with crispy fried onions! I know it’s like a carb overload with bread and mash! But it was so good! The wagyu beef sausage was juicy & tasty and went really well with the fluffy mash!

Of course, I only had 1/3 and the mr had to finish the rest. hehe I’m really lucky the mr can eat! hehe (: I had to leave some stomach space for the other two dishes!

Our second choice was the Spicy Spanish Chorizo sausage that was grilled with semi-dried tomatoes, chipotle mayo, baby rocket, shredded spanish goat’s cheese on a brioche roll. I was set on this dish when I saw that it was served on a brioche roll! I just couldn’t resist a soft and delicious brioche! I have to say though, I was a bit worried about how strong the goat’s cheese was going to be, cause I have always been reserved with the pungent smell and strong taste of goat’s or sheep’s cheese. Thankfully it was quite mild and went really well with the spicy chorizo sausage! PHEW!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the ultimate comfort food : chilli cheese fries! What could be better than crispy fries, with a layer of chilli con carne, topped with a layer of cheese! YUMMEH! I could just eat this all day. I don’t usually say this, but this could compete with the Canadian fries from Lord of The Fries! Sinful, yes. Delicious, definitely. So I think deliciousness conquers all sins! 😛

We both definitely enjoyed every single bite of our haute dogs and the chilli cheese fries. Can’t wait to head back and try the other flavours and combinations! Especially since the weather is turning warmer (cause it’s Spring, yay!) it would be perfect to have a haute dog or two!

Definitely a successful date night! (: Can’t wait for more nights like this!

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16 thoughts on “Date Night : Snag Stand

  1. kellysiew says:

    They look massive!! I’ve been seeing posts about that chorizo dog in brioche and had wanted to try it but alas didn’t get the chance to (albeit walking past Snag Stand MANY times). Have you tried Dognation?

    • liannelow says:

      Hehe we do it once in a while. Like a night just to head out and not worry about what to cook or the stack of dishes to wash! Hehe 🙂 and those cheese fries were the bomb! Hehe x

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