Most Important Meal of The Day : Breakfast

what is your favourite meal of the day? Breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper? Tea maybe? hehe without a doubt, mine is breakfast. Especially having breakfast with my loved ones. We could sit there for an hour or two just enjoying our food, coffee (probably a chai latte) and talking about everything that is happening around us.

my favourite kind of breakfast? Anything that has fruits and eggs and toast! Combine them together, I would say my favourite thing to have for breakfast is French toast or pancakes! hehe But I wouldn’t say I will turn down a good eggs benedict either! haha (:

we went to Safeway a couple of days back and we saw this loaf of bread that I just couldn’t resist. Scones is a big favourite of me and my mum’s and when I saw scones toast, I had to get my hands on them! hehe and the only thing I want to make with them, is french toast! hehe and I did today (:

the thickness of the toast was just right and the fresh bananas complimented the sweetness of everything. Absolutely loved how it turned out! A perfect piece of toast for this dish!

French Toast with Fresh Bananas and Golden Syrup

Ingredients :

4 pieces of bread

3 eggs

1 cup of milk

2 tbs brown sugar

butter for pan

Fruits (any of your favourites)

Maple syrup or Golden syrup

Steps :

1. Beat the eggs, milk and sugar till it’s well combined.

2. Dip bread into the mixture and cook it on a hot pan.

3. Serve with fruits and syrup. EAT UP! (:

Yummy breakfast that didn’t cost the normal $10 I would pay for it outside! (: