Cream of Portobello Mushroom Soup

Sorry that it’s been a long while since I’ve blogged.
the internet is giving us a little bit of problems
so i cant upload anything
including blog posts! (:
not that im on a road trip with my parents.
I can! haha (:

I made this really long ago
and I came across this recipe from Noob Cook
and thought that it looked quite yummy!
decided to gie it a try
since portobello mushrooms are quite cheap at Costco! haha

Baby really loved it. hehe
it was, dare I say, really tasty (:
you should give it a go! hehe

Ingredients :

25g butter

3/4 large white/yellow onion, chopped finely
2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed

1 tbsp plain flour
850ml vegetable/chicken/mushroom stock

350g portobello mushrooms, chopped to large chunks
300g fresh button mushroom, chopped into chunks

5 fresh sage leaves, chopped finely (I left this out)
100ml white wine
100ml double cream/thickened cream (see cooking note 2)
sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper

mushrooms whole.

mushrooms chopped!

Steps :

1. Melt butter in large and deep saucepan. And the onions and garlic, and cook over gentle flame till the onions have just started to caramelised (soft, translucent, shrunken). This takes about 4 minutes.

2. Stir in the flour and cook for one minute more, then gradually stir in the stock.

3. Add the mushrooms and bring to the boil.
Don’t worry if it seems like a lot of mushrooms, they will shrink considerably when they are cooked.

4. Reduce heat, cover and simmer gently for about 15 minutes, until the mushrooms are tender.
Stir in the sage.

5. Remove a couple of ladlefuls of the mushrooms,
chop them to small pieces and set aside.

6. Process the remaining soup in a food processor or blender until smooth.

7. Return the soup to the saucepan and stir in the wine & cream and season with salt and pepper to taste.

oops. forgot to clean up the bowls. haha

we had the soup with cheesy garlic bread.
it was SO good! (:

there will be more posts coming hopefully!
hope the internet will be up soon!

8 thoughts on “Cream of Portobello Mushroom Soup

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  2. Michelle says:


    A friend of mine showed me your blog, so far we’ve tried baking the oreo cupcake and just now I successfully made the mushroom soup!

    Its so easy and very very very tasty, hooray for mushrooms!

    Thanks for sharing…I hope you don’t mine if I pass this on to others


    • liannelow says:

      hi Michelle! (: I’m glad you like the recipes! and yes, hooray for Mushrooms! Feel free to try any recipes as well as share the recipes! Hopefully they will like it too!

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