Malaysian Coconut Butter Prawns

I must admit, mine is just butter prawns.
cos I don’t have coconut anywhere in the house. haha
and I wanted to whip up something quick and yummy.
so I didn’t bother going down to the convenience store to get coconut.

we bought these really fresh and large tiger prawns from Woolworths recently.
and cause we haven’t had seafood for the longest time.
I could not wait to cook these huge-little things. hehe
and looking through Rasa Malaysia (in the midst of doing my thesis)
I found this recipe!
and it was super yummmy!
and quick (which is key now during the midst of the crazy exams and thesis writing)
baby really liked it. hehe
so here is the recipe! ENJOY!

Malaysian Coconut Butter Prawns
(adapted from Rasa Malaysia)

1 lb large prawns (washed, deveined and patted very dry)
3 tablespoons butter
6 bird’s eye chilies (chopped, seeds removed)
3 sprigs of curry leaves (leaves only) (I left this out)
3 stalks of scallions (I used coriander instead)
3 cloves garlic (finely chopped)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1/4 cup of grated coconut (I left this out)
3 tablespoons Cognac (or brandy) (didn’t put this either!)

Steps :

1.  If you do have the grated coconut
toast the coconut:  In a dry, nonstick skillet, toast the coconut until golden brown.

2. Fry the prawns: In a large saute pan or wok, heat 2T cooking oil on high heat.
When smoking, add the prawns.  Cook only half way.  Timing depends on size of your prawns.
When they just start to change color, remove and set aside.

3. Stir-fry: In same pan or wok, you should have some cooking oil left over. If not, add 1T.
When hot, add the curry leaves, scallions and garlic.
Fry for a few seconds until fragrant.
Add Cognac, butter, salt, sugar and soy.
Reduce just a bit – you should have a nice sauce that will coat the prawns.
Add the prawns back in the pan.  Fry until prawns are cooked through, timing depends on size of prawns.
Turn off heat, add the toasted coconut and immediately serve.

just go with rice. it’s awesomeeeee! (: