{Giveaway} Savour Singapore 2014

Good afternoon dear readers. So sorry for the lack of posts! I’m still trying to get back into the pace of blogging after the long rest I had when I went back to Singapore. Plus, if you haven’t already heard, we are expecting our first bub and thus I’ve been a little more tired of late. So please forgive me! I will come back with more posts soon, I promise!

Savour 2014 Giveaway Logo

There is something exciting I want to share with you, and this is exclusively for those readers in Singapore! I’ve got a giveaway that would definitely get you foodies on your feet! Savour is back and I’m sure many of you would love to go! Fortunately for you, and thanks to Nespresso Singapore, I have been give 2 tickets to giveaway to a lucky winner to attend the largest gourmet festival in Singapore, SAVOUR!

Once again there are a plethora of chefs to meet and a spread of different cuisines to try, so it’s one event food lovers wouldn’t want to miss! Foodies who are also coffee lovers will no doubt, not want to miss the brand new custom-built NESPRESSO MAISON, located right in the heart of the new SAVOUR event space in the lush greenery of The Promontory @ Marina Bay. So what can you expect at the Nespresso Maison? Escape to the extraordinary and experience ‘Your Perfect Pleasure’ through the art of bespoke coffee crafting with our very own Nespresso Barista. How exciting does that sound? 


 Besides the Nespresso Maison, Nespresso will once again be bringing back their ever popular Coffee Atelier classes, where fans can discover and learn the subtleties, nuances and origins of coffee. Coffee experts will be sharing with fans how to create the perfect cup of coffee. I’ve attended one of these classes before, and even though I won’t categorise myself as a coffee lover, I really enjoyed learning more about the art of making coffee!
This year’s SAVOUR is held at The Promontory @ Marina Bay! It’s a 5 day event, however, the tickets I was given were for Thursday, the 6th of March 2014, between 5-11pm. The tickets will also come with 30 Savour $ each! So if you love your food, and would love to also experience some coffee magic, this is an event you definitely don’t want to miss!
So how do you win these tickets? Just leave a comment telling me who you would like to attend this event with and why! This giveaway will end on Wednesday 5th of March 2012 at 5pm, and the winner will be announced and notified at 7pm (Singapore time). I do apologise for this short period of time to enter the giveaway, but I assure you, it’s an event you food lovers wouldn’t want to miss!

Watch the video to see the highlights of Savour 2013!

So don’t wait any longer, leave me a comment and best of luck! Definitely looking forward to award the lucky winner!

PS: The giveaway is for the residents of Singapore only. Unfortunately, due to the short period of time, we won’t be able to give the tickets to readers overseas, as you won’t be able to attend the event on time. I do apologise! I’m sure there would be other events in the future!

Disclaimer : This is a collaboration with Nespresso Singapore and Crowd SG, tickets were given in compliments of the organisers and I wasn’t paid to run this giveaway. 

And the winner is….. ALENA!! Congrats babe! Hope you’ll enjoy the event with your girlfriend! Time to take that break you deserve!! (: x
Winner of SAVOUR 2014 tickets
Winner's comment
Will be emailing you to let you know how to collect your tickets!

53 thoughts on “{Giveaway} Savour Singapore 2014

  1. grace chng says:

    I would like to attend this event with my boyfriend of 7 years. It is his birthday that day, and I want him to have a rock and roll good time with great food, cool demonstrations by renowned chefs and wonderful aromas of coffee. We are both foodies and Nespresso coffee lovers!
    So PICK ME pllllleeeeeeaaaasssse.

  2. Alena says:

    I would love to go with my girlfriend who shares the same love for food & coffee! Timely for a ‘break’ from mummy duties for food & coffee! Thank you for this opportunity!

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Lianne, just wanted to say congratulations to you and Lester on the baby news. I’ve been following your blog and Instagram since 2012. Just moved back to Singapore from Melbourne in November so I really enjoyed your posts on your recent trip. Good luck with your pregnancy and I look forward to staying in touch with the Melbourne food scene from your blog. I really miss a good chai latte… LoL

  4. Karen says:

    Oopsie, I forgot to say why I want to attend the Saveur event. I actually already bought tickets to attend for another day but since I’m such a glutton, I’d love nothing more than another opportunity to eat more good food and take more photos. If I do win, I will be pigging out and Instagram whoring to the max , courtesy of your generous sponsors: Nespresso Singapore and Crowd SG. Once again, congratulations to your bun in the oven and hope you have a smooth sailing pregnancy!

    • liannelow says:

      Thanks so much Karen! (: We are really excited about our new bub and can’t wait for his/her arrival! hehe I hope you’ll win and you get to go twice! hehe x

  5. Denise Tee says:

    I want! I would love to go with my hubby. it’s our anniversary the day before and this would definitely be a different way to celebrate! we’re both crazy coffee lovers and our Nespresso machine is well-used. We would love to visit the Nespresso Maison!!! it’ll be fun to learn about coffee crafting!

    on a side note, hope pregnancy is treating you well! enjoy every minute of it Lianne!

  6. Jie Wei Neo II says:

    I love to go with my mom. I was there last year alone. I want my mom to come with me to enjoy the good food and visit the Nespresso Maison. I love to learn how to create the perfect cup of coffee from the experts.

  7. Shu says:

    Me!! I would love to go with my best friend who loves baking and also loves good food! about to redo my kitchen so I would love to shop and try out various new food to stock up the kitchen cabinets, be inspired by the best kitchen electronics, learn to craft out new drinks with my trusty nepresso machine and to savour the lovely delicacies prepared by the chefs! A perfect way to wind down after a long day at work!

  8. tiffany pang says:

    Hi Lianne! Your tickets to Savour is the missing ingredient of my secret recipe for a successful dinner party at home! Got a guest list, good wines, few menu ideas… just need inspiration for some new dish to wow the guests and learn how to craft out perfect coffee for after meal!

  9. Arisa Nomura says:

    Hi! I would love to win the tickets to Savour 2014 event! I just read your post on this and it seems really exciting. I would love to go with my boyfriend who is also a food enthusiast. We love learning about food, new recipes, discovering new places, food culture and anything to do with food. I hope we can win the tickets. By the way, will you be there on that day as well? Welcome back to Singapore!

    • liannelow says:

      Hi Arisa! (: Thanks for entering! I wish I am back for this event! I miss it every year! =( But I do hope you win it and be able to head there with you bf though! x

  10. TAURY (@_21stApril) says:

    I will like to go with my best friend from Secondary school whom I had not met for one year due to studies. We will meeting up very soon and since her birthday is coming, if I win, I’d like to take this chance to treat her who is a big foodie lover a splendid meal! We both love coffee and will definitely wish to learn how to make good coffee. ^^

  11. Angeline (@wombat300) says:

    I hope I win the tickets so I can go with my foodie friend who’s also into cooking. I’ll go try out the food while she goes to pick up tips so she can invite me over next time for even nicer food. Coffee addict as well so would love to try the Nespresso creations!

  12. Jac says:

    I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while now and was delighted to hear of your baby news! Congratulations and hope you’re coping well 🙂

    Oh I wish to try my luck for the Savour 2014 event! Hope I can learn more about the art of making coffee and perhaps incorporate it in my baking adventures!

    • liannelow says:

      Thanks so much for your well wishes Jac! (: We are very excited for the little one hehe

      All the best for the tickets and I hope you get to learn more if u do win the tickets for this event! x

  13. Paul says:

    Nah.. I’ll go for it alone because I can then seize all the SAVOUR dollars for my own use! MUAHAHAHA! Jokes aside, I’ll def bring my girlfriend. That’s one Michelin-starred dinner date off the list. Hot dogs paired with bubbly? Sign us up already!

    • liannelow says:

      haha glad to hear you would share this lovely event with your gf! I’m sure you both will enjoy it. Just like how my husband and I are foodies, I’m sure you both will love the experience!

  14. June Lee says:

    I will like to enter this event with my foodie friend Eileen! Plus i haven’t got a chance to attend any Savour events yet =) I’m sure it be awesome!

  15. Steven says:

    I would like to win these tickets and bring along my mum for the food adventure. It’s a good chance for her to relax from taking care of my nieces, while indulging in her love for good food.

  16. Cheryl Anne says:

    I would like to attend Savour with my boyfriend because my boyfriend and i appreciate Food alot but the only difference between he and i is he has not been given much luxuries growing up so i would like this event to be one of a memorable one for him in which we both can indulge together with.

    Cheryl Anne

  17. Grace says:

    I would bring my mother along. All these years, she has slogged hard to provide me with good food and this would be a great way to show her my gratitude.

  18. Ryan Ho says:

    I would love to attend Savour 2014 with one of my friends as we enjoy tasting different foods and drinks (especially coffee!! Looking forward to the Nespresso Maison!) as well as the experience that comes with the tasting itself! Plus I guess foodie blood runs in my family as well 😉

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