Hainanese Chicken Rice

It’s Friday Night!
and Fridays always mean good food and good company (:
loads of laughter. bad movies on tv. haha
So this week. we decided to cook Hainanese Chicken Rice!
Cause it’s been so long since we got to taste it.
and thanks to ieatishootipost for posting up the recipe!
so we could have it all the way down under!

it was SOOOO good!
and I bought like a super HUGE chicken (2.5kg) haha.
cause I thought Jacky was joining us.
so we ended up having heaps of leftovers.
for lunch and dinner the next day!

so here’s the recipe!
I’ve edited a bit cause there are things we couldn’t get
but it was still YUMMY!
Hope you guys will enjoy it as much as we did!

Five Star Boss’s Homestyle Kampong Chicken Rice Recipe

Chicken :

1 whole Kampong chicken (I couldnt get Kampong chicken, so I just got free range)
70ml sesame oil
60ml light soy sauce
Pandan leaves
60ml concentrated chicken stock (I used stock cubes)
Sliced ginger
5 cloves chopped garlic
Chicken bones (I didn’t have this)

Rice :

Cooking Oil (I left this out cause already had chicken fat!)
Chicken fat
Shallot oil (I put fried shallots instead)
Pandan leaves

Chilli :

4 heaps tablespoons of Lee Kum Kee garlic chilli sauce
2 tablespoons Soup Restaurant’s Ginger paste
chicken broth

Steps :

For the chicken, bring a pot of water to boil,
making sure that there is enough water so that the entire chicken can be submerged.
Once the water is boiling, put all the ingredients listed above into the boiling water.
Next, dip the chicken into the boiling water and dip it a few times until the skin is cooked.
Once the skin is cooked, leave the chicken under the water to cook.
This is to ensure that the skin does not break.

The cooking time is about 30 minutes for a 1.5kg chicken (So we cooked our 2.5kg chicken for 50mins).
Ensure that the water be kept just below the boiling point during the entire cooking process.

(the chicken was too huge to fit into our other only pot available! haha)

Once chicken is cooked, put the chicken immediately into cool water for a few minutes.
This will stop the cooking process and ensure that the meat will remain tender and the skin crunchy.

To cook the rice, combine the concentrated chicken stock
and the other ingredients listed above with enough water from the chicken broth to cover the rice.
The water level should be as per the normal levels for cooking white rice.
Cook the rice as per the normal method.

To prepare the chilli,
mix the ingredients listed above and put enough to the consistency you like.
You can add a squeeze of lime if you want.
I preferred mine without (:

Cut the chicken up into pieces.
and this is when you need a strong man to do it. haha
that’s my boy (:

the chicken was HUGE!
but it was cooked perfectly.
succulent and juicy!

so first you get the drumsticks and the wings out before you tackle the chicken breast!

just before you serve,
cut abit of spring onion and prepare the sauce to pour over the chicken

the sauce (optional but highly recommend) :

3 tablespoons of light soy sauce
2 splashes of maggi sauce
chicken stock

Just mix them altogether and pour it over the chicken.
REALLY good (:

YUMS! (:
oh yes. we boiled some chicken inerts in the stock which we cooked the chicken as well.
cause we are big fans!
and what is having chicken rice without the inerts? hehe

ENJOY everyone!

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