{SG} One Year On

One year anniversary dinner

Time really flies, especially when you’re enjoying every second of every day. It’s already been 1 year since I married the love of my life! I can still remember the moment I said I do, and how he passed all the games set by my bridesmaids and opened my room door. I could still remember the smile on his face the moment he lifted my veil. Beautiful memories that I would always remember, and be thankful for. (: To mark our first year of marriage, the mr planned a romantic dinner at Salt Grill & Sky Bar. It’s located at the top of Ion (one of the newest shopping malls in Singapore) and has an amazing view! We went through a secret walkway to a pair of private lifts that lead us to the 55th level! The moment we exited the lifts till we were walked to our tables, I couldn’t stop saying wow in my head! haha

View from Salt

Just breath-taking! Couldn’t get enough of the skyline. Thankfully we had a window-seat, so I could take in the whole view, all night long (: Salt Grill & Sky Bar is opened by Luke Mangan, and not surprisingly, the mr chose a place that serves Modern Australian cuisine. We’ve never been to restaurants by Luke Mangan before (his first Salt is in Sydney), so we thought, why not? hehe I have to say, the mr was spot on with his choice! We were served by a very warm and personal staff, who looked after our every needs through the night. He made it a point to make sure we were enjoying our food and also made sure it was a night for us to remember.

pan seared scallops

One look at the menu, and I knew exactly what I wanted. I have a habit (a good one I would like to think) to order scallops as my entree whenever I’m at a fine-dining restaurant. For some reason, the scallop dish is always one of the stand outs of the night. And this was no different! The scallops were cooked to perfection, so so tender and mildly sweet. It was a perfect match with the chorizo sausages too! I slowly savoured each one, but I wanted more. hehe

tempura quail breast

The mr ordered the tempura quail breast with roasted legs. When it arrived, you could immediately tell it had some japanese influence to it. The quail was cooked to perfection and was very tender and succulent. The good thing was it was cooked different ways and the tempura version added a good crunch to the dish. YUM!

Veal with foie gras and mustard crust

Then came the main. I had the veal that is seared and poached to a perfect medium-rare that had a yummy foie gras and mustard crust, served with a pumpkin custard and red wine sauce. I don’t usually have veal, but this was really good! Though it was a little rare for my liking, the flavours were sensational! The foie gras just melted in my mouth and the sweetness of the pumpkin custard balances the dish out.

Crispy skin salmon

Though I liked my dish, I loved the mr’s dish more! hehe Doesn’t that always happen? You tend to love the dish your partner orders, and secretly hope he would give you more. That was me that night! The salmon was cooked to perfection! Super crispy skin, and still pink in the middle. Definitely a very good choice made by the mr. Amazing! Definitely recommend this if you’re a fan of seafood.

our sides

And as if we didn’t have enough food on our table, we decided to order some sides to share : roast mushrooms in garlic butter and truffle oil & parmesan fries. We loved the mushrooms; they were just little explosion of flavours in our mouth! So so good (: The truffle fries were alright, didn’t have the wow factor, but having a side of fries just worked with what we had.

pear tarte tatin

Of course, we couldn’t not order sweets! A little digestive for the night. hehe One dessert that I cannot go pass is a tarte tatin. It would always be one of my first choice of desserts. The first one I had was at Mr Hive’s Kitchen & Bar and that blew my mind! This one was a little smaller, and was also really delicious! Puff pastry and soft poached pears all caramelised and topped with some creme anglaise and double cream. HEAVEN!

Creme brulee

As I ordered something I love, it’s only fair the mr did too. Without a doubt, he chose the creme brulee. Plus, they were serving it with his favourite salted caramel ice cream! So I knew he was gonna pick this! The pastry chef was so sweet to write Happy Anniversary on the edge of the bowl! Was a super touching surprise. hehe Love personal touches like that! (: Just makes the night even better than it already was.

My love

Just want to say Happy Anniversary to my dearest mr once again! (: This post is late, but just want to tell you that I had an awesome night, and I am so blessed and thankful to have you in my life. I love you! Thank you for being you.

Happy Mid Week everyone! (: Remember to always cook and bake with love!

18 thoughts on “{SG} One Year On

  1. Peach says:

    Happy Anniversary to both you Twinnie and Lester ❤ So sweet sweet la!

    Wow, that restaurant definitely looks amazing! and so happy that you had an enjoyable night 🙂 Great photos 🙂

    • liannelow says:

      Thank you dearie! (: heh was definitely a night to remember! hehe The view of the restaurant is just amazing really! If you have the chance, you should head up there! hehe

      Thank you! Was a little flustered by the view that night, so not sure if the photos are up to par. haha But thank you for your kind words! xx

  2. Chef and Sommelier says:

    Congratulations Lianne and MR!

    This post reminded me of my early years of marriage when our first kid was not born yet although I must say we truly enjoy parenthood… Enjoy the couple time and treasure your marriage!


  3. Daisy@Nevertoosweet says:

    Belated Happy Anniversary to you and Lester 🙂 What a great choice to celebrate your first year anniversary ~ I loved all the dishes and hahaha I think Ricky and I probably would’ve chosen the same dishes as you cuz we love scallops, salmon and veal!

    And of course hehe my eyes were glued on the desserts! I think it’s super cute how they wrote ‘Happy Anniversary’ 😀 I’m not gonna do fine dining this time I go to SG hehe but maybe next time when I go for a longer time I’ll try it out!

    Wishing you another blissful year and may it be filled with love and delicious FOOD! xox

    • liannelow says:

      awww thanks Daisy!! (: hehe I knew you would be instantly drawn to the desserts! hehe I love how personal the chefs get when they know you’re celebrating an occasion! hehe It’s the additional touches that makes a difference! hehe Don’t worry! You got so much to try when you go to SG so must leave some for next time! xx

    • liannelow says:

      hehe (: Thanks hun! hehe Well it’s different kinda of feeling when you have kids! hehe Both is as good and both is as enjoyable! hehe But this view is really one that would take your breath away! xx

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