Miss Polly

Sorry for my long absence in posts as the past month! It has been a really tiring but exciting time for both the mr and I and I do hope for your kind understanding and thank you for your continuous support of Food Made With Love! (:

You see, the mr and I bought our first place and been crazy busy with the packing-moving-unpacking-and-decorating process! Plus we had no internet for the first 3 weeks after moving in, but now that the internet is up, I am back and here to stay!

This is a photo of our dining and living room. (: Loving our sofa from Freedom! hehe But this post would be dedicated to food, after being MIA for so long! haha But I promise to share more photos of the new place in the post to come!

Miss Polly

Add : 26 Britannia Mall, Mitcham Vic 3132

Tel : 03 98738246

I’ve always considered myself very lucky cause I have a family who care and love me unconditionally and a husband who loves me and loves to give me surprises! (: He came home one Saturday from training his clients and told me to get dress cause he’s bringing me to brunch! When I asked where brunch was going to be, he refused to tell me and replied simply, “secret!” haha. Weekends (especially long ones) couldn’t get any better just spending time with him and enjoying what we love – FOOD!

Miss Polly is a small and cosy cafe tucked in a small lane in Mitcham. It’s apparently opposite what used to be Coles a few years back! I kinda overheard the conversation the owner was having with another couple the table next to us. haha. Their mother used to go to that Coles! Love a place with rich history (: Makes the place more unique!

I was super happy that the mr brought me here. I was crazy jealous when he went there on his own after sending his car in for a service. I saw his pictures on instagram and it was on my “to-go” list (which by the way is ever growing! haha). Lucky us took the last table available besides the communal table! Plus, everyone at the cafe was really friendly and nice! Straight away we ordered our choice of hot drinks, as it was super cold that morning!

Our drinks are pretty standard for brunch : chai soy latte for me, and a large cafe latte for the mr. It was my first time seeing a large latte served in a tall glass! And what’s better? They use the beans from Proud Mary! The Mr’s favourite coffee. hehe it was a win-win!

Thank you for surprising me with brunch ! (:

When I skimmed through the menu, the one thing that caught my eyes was the dish with corn fritters! Ever since I had corn fritters at Replete Providore, it’s something that I crave for brunch constantly! So when I saw it, I just had to order it. It’s called Something Salmon! What a cute name aye? It has alternate layers of corn fritters, smoked salmon and spinach leaves topped with a poached egg and delicious tangy tomato relish! How pretty does it look? It tasted as delicious!

Of course, I couldn’t finish it haha (nothing new there!) and the mr had to, once again, clean the plate up for me! hehe Even after having his order of Polly Big Breakfast! The breakfast platter includes scrambled eggs, spinach, mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes, chorizo, a slice of bread and a side of tomato relish!

Loved how their scrambled eggs were still a little runny! The magical part of the dish was definitely the chorizos and the tomato relish. Really adds depth and flavour and also puts a smile on the mr’s face! hehe

Miss Polly is definitely a cafe we would frequent from now on. Good food, goof company and good service. It’s like a trio-winner-factor! Although it’s not exactly close to where we now live, but it’s near Box Hill, which means we can have brunch and then do marketing! hehe Well, distance will never be a barrier to us having our brunch! Don’t you agree? (:

So what do you like to order when you go for brunch? Would love to know your choices! Happy mid week everyone! Just 2 more days till the weekend again!

15 thoughts on “Miss Polly

  1. Ames says:

    Yay, you’re back! I was so sad that you disappeared soon after I just found your blog but moving is indeed a busy task so totally understandable 🙂 Awww, your mr is so sweet, hope mine surprises me like that one day :).

    Anything with a poached egg is a good brunch choice for me hehe that salmon and corn fritter looks good and Mitcham is a suburb or two from mine so keen to give it a go!

    Btw, cool couch 🙂 Glad you’re back Lianne!

    • liannelow says:

      Awww thanks Ames! Really sorry for disappearing for so long!!! But I am definitely back and have a back log of posts to do, so I’m here to stay! hehe Thanks for your kind words, spurs me on to blog more! 😀

      You should definitely try Miss Polly! hehe it’s a small and cosy cafe and even have a whole range of desserts you can try after your meal! hehe The scones are what I’m gonna order when I head back next! hehe I do love poached eggs for brunch as well, and using the yolk as part of the sauce! hehe

      Thanks for your constant support dearie! (:

  2. Daisy@Nevertoosweet says:

    WOO HOO 🙂 You got to visit Miss Polly ~ And your hubby is so kind and caring to you! I wish Mr Bao would surprise me more often! He’s always asking me ‘where are we going for brunch or where should we go?’ he never really plans anything anymore hahaha 😀

    I’m really impressed that your Hubby found Miss Polly 🙂 Because it’s not really in your area and is a relatively and not as well known cafe than the other one hehe yay we can cross this one out of our list 😀 But i’ve still gotta go back myself cuz I didn’t have my camera with me last time hehe

    PS. I think we have the SAME if not very SIMILAR couch :p

    • liannelow says:

      Thanks dearie! (: Mr Bao always surprises you with desserts and cakes! hehe So you should also be happy cause we are both as lucky! hehe Lester doesn’t surprise me often, but when he does, it’s usually really good ones and something that would put a wide smile on my face! hehe

      You should so go back to Miss Polly and also blog about them! hehe I would love to head back and try their range of cakes and sweets! hehe 😛

      PS: is your sofa the Jackson range from Freedom??? hehe

  3. Peach Water says:

    Miss Polly sounds like a place I should go and visit!
    It’s in my area and I always like to have brunch somewhere in my area without having to trek into the CBD every single day -_-;

    Great blog – loving it 🙂

    Peach Water

    • liannelow says:

      Thanks so much for dropping by dearie! (: hehe Since you live so near to Miss Polly you definitely should make a trip there then! hehe Like you, I love that I don’t have to head into the city too often to get good brunch! hehe Give Miss Polly a go and let me know what you think! 😀

  4. Iron Chef Shellie says:

    Your new place is coming along nicely! I can’t wait to move somewhere nice and get dining chairs similar to yours 😛 My good friend has them too, couldn’t believe how comfy they were!

    Love the name of this cafe, too cute! Food looks good too 🙂

    • liannelow says:

      Aww thanks dearie! (: I’m sure you will be able to find somewhere you can call your own and make it homey as well! hehe and you HAVE TO get those dining chairs! They are DA BEST! hehe 😀 Let me know if you do, I can let u know where I got mine from! hehe This cafe is really not bad! You should give it a shot if you are around the area! hehe x

  5. cltyw says:

    Definitely going to give this place a try especially when it’s not far from me. Haven’t manage to find any decent cafe in our area for weekend breakky, this might stop our hunt!

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