{NZ} Puhoi Cottage Tea Rooms

Puhoi Cottage Tea Rooms

50 Ahuroa Road, Puhoi

Tel : 09 422 0604

Web : http://www.puhoicottage.co.nz/

I love traditional tea rooms. Those that have been there for a very long time, with really rich history and recipes that have been around for ages. I absolutely adore such places. The Puhoi Cottage Tea Rooms is one such place! It has been around for 40 years and is one of the oldest tea rooms in New Zealand! Highly recommended for their lovely scones, I just couldn’t wait to try them!

When we got there it was a cute little cottage with both seats inside and outside. With the sun shining above us, we just had to sit outside to enjoy the heat and greens.

There were even chickens running around us. Cheers to animals in the wild! (:

When we arrived, we were greeted by the owner, David, who was strumming jazz and blues on his guitar and singing for his guests! They had a whole range of different homemade cakes and savouries and hot drinks to go along. The devonshire tea/coffee set came with one large scone and a hot drink. Scones along are $5 each. May seem a little much for a scone, but you will understand why when you see the size of them!

We were warned! hehe Knowing how big the scones would be, we ordered 3 sets of scones and a serve of carrot cake for the 6 of us! (:

How glorious do those scones look? They were fresh from the oven, and served with freshly whipped cream and beautiful jam. The scones were so huge that they took up more then 1/3 of the tray! My face just instantly lit up when the tray arrived.

A mouthful of yumminess!

Beautiful carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. You could really taste the cinnamon in this cake and absolutely loved it! Was slightly moist which is how I love my cakes. hehe Gorgeous!

We had an absolutely amazing time and we were so full when leaving the tea room. (: Happy bellies, definitely!

10 thoughts on “{NZ} Puhoi Cottage Tea Rooms

  1. Daisy@Nevertoosweet says:

    I want all of the food here!!! Totally following your travel itinerary when i go to NZ next hehe even though $5 for a scone is pretty steep but I totally think it’s worth it 😀 and i like how the owner seems really nice hehe and I LOVE carrot cake!

    Ps cute pic at the end hehe ~

    • liannelow says:

      sure dear! (: I didn’t cover alot of places to be honest, wish I did cover more! there are more posts to come, just been so busy havent been able to update as often as i’d like to!

      and thanks for your compliment! (: xx

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