Brunch Sunday : Replete Providore

Replete Providore

302 Barkers Road, Hawthorn Vic 3122

(03) 98184448

We arrived at 930am and the place was filled! We had to wait for about 10 mins for window seats, definitely had to wait a tad bit longer for a table. It’s a really cosy place and the staff were friendly. I didn’t know there was a communion table behind with sofa seats and really a really pretty light!

I first read about Replete Providore from Iron Chef Shellie and what caught my eye in her review post was their chai soy latte. If you know me, I LOVE chai! It’s absolutely vital for me to have a cup of chai soy latte in the morning, to start my day off well! So when I saw how they served their chai in a teapot, I had to go give it a try!

It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Love that they put more cinnamon powder on top to add a spice-kick to the hot and comforting drink. I don’t know if it’s just me. There’s just something therapeutic dipping the honey dipper into a big glass container of honey and slowly allowing it to drip into my cup of chai.

fuzzy wuzzy honey bee (:

The Mr, on the other hand, is a coffee lover. When asked how his coffee was, he said GOOD! haha So I reckon it’s something not to be missed too if you’re there for brunch and you need your morning cuppa!

 Sundays are brunch days for the mr and I. We always head to somewhere nice after mass in the morning. It’s just something we decided to do a while back. It’s definitely a day I look forward to and treasure very much. Especially since we are working everyday and get so drained by the end of the week and all we want to do is relax, enjoy each other’s company and have super yummy food! (:

On with the food. The best part! haha I’m having this current obsession with corn so the minute I saw corn fritters on the menu, my mind was made up! Layered with bacon and topped with sour cream and avocado salsa, I was sure it would be a winner (:

And yes, the portion size here is HUGE! Two really big fritters with heaps of bacon and a more than decent amount of sour cream and salsa. Everything came together and complimented each other. The flavours were just dancing in my mouth! I was a super happy girl.

With portions this big, I usually can only have half of it, and the mr would need to finish it up for me. But that day, I couldn’t stop eating it. Of course, I still couldn’t finish it, but I did better than just 1/2! An achievement in my eyes. hehe

Now, this is the breakfast for champions. Eating champions. haha How big is the Replete Breakfast? Toast, bacon, poached eggs, spanish sausage, tomato, field mushrooms and the most amazing hash brown! The hash was super crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. It is one thing the mr always looks out for when he’s out for brunch. A good hash. And he definitely found it here!

Of course, you can imagine how full we were by the end of the meal, but we were two very happy campers! With very round tummies! hehe Definitely a place I recommend. If you want to avoid the crowds, come during the weekdays. But brunch just isn’t brunch without the crowds and people flipping the papers and tables of friends laughing and having a good time with good food, is it?

Have a fantastic brunch day people! (: