1st Giveaway : SAVOUR Singapore

I am really excited. This is the first time I was approached to have a giveaway! (: For a food event nonetheless! What got me even more excited is that it is in collaboration with Nespresso Singapore! How awesome is that?

If you’re a coffee lover, then having a Nespresso machine is definitely a must! My mr got his machine on his first pay check, being the coffee lover he is! And he had absolutely no regrets! It is, in my opinion, a good way to save money! Cause you don’t really have to get your coffees from the cafes anymore. Just make one and put it in a to-go-cup and you’re all set! It’s as easy as pressing a button!

Look at the perfect layering of the coffee and the crema! It’s really the same amazing results everytime!

From now till mid April, do visit http://www.channelnewsasia.com/nespresso to gain more insight about anything to do with coffee. Basically, it’s a Nespresso Coffee Online Encyclopedia! You can learn about the right way to experience the Nespresso coffee the right way. Also there is a contest you can participate in that could win you a Nespresso PIXIE machine. Additionally, they are giving away $100 vouchers to the 1st 10 correct answers daily on the quiz found on the website! So do click on the link to win!

Alright, enough of the amazing machine. Here is the main reason for this post!

Thanks to Nespresso Singapore, I’ve been given  2 tickets to give to a lucky winner to attend this amazing food event, SAVOUR! SAVOUR, is a first of its kind in Singapore, with a philosophy to unite the finest food and drink with a plethora of expert master classes, live demonstrations, fun workshops and culinary shopping. How I wish I was back home, so that I would be able to attend this event! It’s very very similar to the Melbourne Food and Wine show. So if you love food and would love to learn more about certain types of cuisine, this event would be perfect for you!

It’s a 3 day event, but the tickets that I was given is for the 30th of March, Friday at 6pm, and is held at the F1 Paddock & Pit Building.

(Credits: Photo from savour.sg)

So how do you win this? Just leave a comment telling me who you would like to attend this event with and why! This giveaway will end on Thursday 29th of March 2012 at 5pm, and the winner will be announced and notified at 8pm (Singapore time). I do apologise for this short period of time to enter the giveaway, but I assure you, it’s an event you food lovers wouldn’t want to miss!

Watch the video to learn more about the event!

So do leave your comments and I’m looking forward to awarding the one lucky reader a pair of tickets! (:

PS: The giveaway is for the residents of Singapore only. Unfortunately, due to the short period of time, we won’t be able to give the tickets to readers overseas, as you won’t be able to attend the event on time. I do apologise! I’m sure there would be other events in the future!

Disclaimer : This is a collaboration with Nespresso Singapore, and I wasn’t paid to write this post. 


Congrats Jolene! I will be contacting you on how to collect your tickets! (:

Thank you everyone for commenting! So sorry I’ve only got one pair of tickets to giveaway. There will be more in the future! xx

9 thoughts on “1st Giveaway : SAVOUR Singapore

  1. Janessa says:

    Gimme gimme gimme!! Hahaha! You’re a pro blogger now babes! Mmmm I’d like to attend with j of course! Reason being WE LOVE FOOD!!! 😀

  2. jolene • says:

    I want to attend SAVOUR with my boyfriend, because our love for good food is one of the few things that brings us closer together! 😀 We’re both vastly different (I’m in the design industry, and he’s in the finance industry) and over the years, we’ve found that enjoying good food is one of our favourite ways to spend time together.

    And now, we sound like a really greedy couple. HAHAHA.

    Also, the day of the event also happens to be the day of my final assessment setup for school, making it the very last time I am submitting work for school, so it would be awesome to head down there once my setup is done, to unwind with great food 😉

  3. Daisy@Nevertoosweet says:

    YAY 🙂 good on you Lianne for scoring your first give away ~ too bad it’s in Singapore I guess there’s no point in me entering this competition even though it’s a great offer!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Uncle Jin says:

    wow! passed by the area the event is going to be held this morning and from the looks of it… it sure is going to be a: delicious, tasty, mouth-watering, appetizing, scrumptious, luscious, enjoyable, palatable, delightful, toothsome, pleasing, yummy, delectable, fit for a king, delightful, lovely, wonderful, pleasant, enjoyable, appealing, enchanting, charming event (that’s all the words I can think of to describe good food :-P)

    And to be able to witness the live divine cooking demo,which is fit for the gods, heavenly, godly, celestial, great, marvelous, delightful, lovely, blissful, is a chance I would not want.to miss!

    The person I am bringing is of cos my Dearest Wifey Angeline. if Mr Ho & you are in Singapore, u 2 being the sweetest, fittest and loving couple, will definitely attend this event together right 🙂

  5. Jacob Pang says:

    What more can I say, going to Savour would be AWESOME!!!

    there is Alain Passard, 3 star michelin chef…. and most importantly 1997 Kyoto Iron Chef World Cup Champion. Remember that Show, Iron chef!!! So much goodness packed in 1 hour.

    Passard had the distinct honor of being the last chef challenged by Iron Chefs. Usually it was chefs who challenge the Iron Chefs, not the other way around. The Iron chefs however battled each other to have the honor of challenging him in the finale of Kitchen Stadium in 1999 for the King of Iron Chef. Kitchen Stadium was closed subsequently….

    Then there is Alvin Leung and his oh so delicious molecular xiao long which truly is a marvel. Rumor says it explodes in your mouth not unlike the one described by Stephen Chow in God of Kitchen… Exploding Goodness!! that brings you back to your first puppy love

    I can go on and on, add in the masterclass, all those good food………oh I’m already dreaming now!!

  6. s.T says:

    I would like to attend the Savour with my mum. My mum always wanted to try a weird variety from different countries. She always comment how delicious the food looks like when she surf the net or being show on TV program.

    However, due to financial, it is not possible to fly with her to try out different variety of food. With The Savour, she can try out a wide variety of famous food from Michelin-star and also award-winning chef. I believe she will love it.

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