Chocolate Macarons with Chilli Chocolate Ganache ♥

Macarons has always been my down fall. haha I’ve tried twice but failed twice, miserably. I didn’t have the courage to try it again. But after talking to Clara and Felicia, I decided to give it one more shot! (:


I got the “feet” that I’ve been waiting for! (: WHEEEEE! I was super happy and even happier that I got it though I baked it at 9pm at night! haha. Thanks again Clara for sharing with me your recipe! (:

But as it’s Clara’s recipe, I won’t be posting the recipe but will let you feast on some photos!

I bought myself a new present : an Silpat mat! (: I was a happy girl hehe

my macarons piped out and sitting there to rest. I read the post on Felicia’s macarons class and decided to let mine sit for 30mins as well to increase my chances of having the “feet” haha. Couldn’t give anything to chance!

after baking them for 15 mins.

all my macaron shells! hehe

I’m so glad and couldn’t stop smiling when I saw all of them coming out exactly this way. (:

a close up of the “feet” haha sorry if I sound like I’m bragging. I’m just really happy I succeeded! hehe

so what ganache should I sandwich them in? I made my own chilli chocolate ganache! (:

Ingredients :

1/2 red chilli ( I think it would better to use 1/2tsp or 1 tsp of chilli powder)

120ml cream

130g dark chocolate

30g butter

Steps :

1. Heat the cream up in a heavy-base pot together with the chilli, careful not to allow it to bubble too rapidly. Allow the chilli to infuse in the cream.

2. Remove the cream from the heat and add the chopped chocolate.

3. Let it sit for a minute or two, then stir until smooth. Stir in the butter and let it cool completely before using.

I made a whole box of them and they are sitting nicely in the fridge. hehe (:

Of course I still had a mishap when I first started. My first batch were mini ones and I think my oven temperature is too high and I baked them for too long. So the top of my shells for the very first batch were burnt. But I am not one for wasting food, so I cut the top off and the middle is perfectly fine! I inverted them and sandwich them with ganache. doesn’t look anything like a macaron, but I’ve decided to call them invert-me-not! (:

Thanks again Clara and Felicia! (:

13 thoughts on “Chocolate Macarons with Chilli Chocolate Ganache ♥

  1. felicia says:

    you’re most welcome dear 🙂
    happy for you!
    its okay.
    i was jumping all over my house when i first had feet too 😛

  2. jeremy says:

    your batter is undermixed, that’s why your tips aren’t settling in. also, they’re matte cos you haven’t dried the surface out long enough.

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