Last Bits, Good Bits.

Happy Monday my dear readers! Hope all of you had a really good start to the week. More eating adventures continues in this post, but I promise this will be the last one! So thank you for going through this adventure with me the last few weeks! Just re-capping everything we did is making me want to head back to Daylesford again! I hope it has inspired you all to also make a trip down cause you won’t regret it! (:

Of course, we started our day with the same amazing breakfast. How could we not right? hehe Till this day I’m still thinking about the breakfast we had and wanting more. So after we had our breakfast we chilled in our room for a little bit before setting off to try some more cafes this beautiful town had to offer.

Our first stop was Cliffy’s Emporium which was a store, cafe and wine bar. They have a whole range of local produce and their menu changes regularly and according to the seasonal produce. We were still really full from breakfast so we decided to just have something light, although there were lots of things I would have liked to try. Besides, we needed to save some things to try for our next visit, right? hehe

We ordered a small cheese platter and a pot of peppermint tea to go with. The platting was so pretty! Like art on a plate! We sat under the sun and enjoyed each other’s company. It’s really nice how there still seems to be alot of things to share with the mr although we see each other everyday. The best thing about being with your best friend. (: We could just chat and discuss about everything under the sun (pun intended hehe).

The small platter came with two delicious and creamy cheeses : one of which is goat and the other was a type of cheddar. I do apologise that I don’t know the names of the cheeses, as I wasn’t at the table when it was served. There was also a side of maple syrup which went really well with the cheese! Might be something we will try at home soon I reckon! hehe There’s something about the sweet and salty combination I love! Mmm (:

We then found a brochure I picked up amidst the whole pile that caught my attention : $1 oysters at Darmagi! Something my mr adores! He could finish a dozen on his own, and he did exactly that! (:

I don’t fancy oysters, especially when they are raw. The Mr LOVES them. Although they were $1 each, the quality wasn’t compromised! They were plump and juicy! The dozen were all slurped down within minutes! haha According to him, the best way to have them is just with a splash of lemon juice and nothing else! (:

The happy boy with his plate of oysters (: I think he could have had another dozen, easy. hah But I don’t think it’ll be good for his cholesterol!

What I really liked about Daylesford and Hepburn Springs is that their local cafes and restaurants all support local produce and this includes their drinks! Loving their cute logo as well. We had to try some of their sparkling liquid and I decided on the sparkling blood orange mineral water which was really refreshing. Loved it!

The Mr had the organic brewed ginger beer and it was really yummy without an overpowering taste of ginger and spice. Definitely went well with the oysters he had. hehe I have to say, ginger beer (alcoholic or not) is one of my favourite soft drinks! I’m not a big fan of coke or other carbonated drinks. It’s usually either ginger beer or sparkling apple juice to quench my thirst hehe

Before we knew it, it was time for dinner. The Perfect Drop was one place that was highly recommended by not just the retreat but also from other blogs that I’ve read as I was researching on the places to visit. So without much thought, we made a reservation for dinner and headed there, hungry and full of excitement! Before I share with you what we had, I have to apologise that I’ve only got pictures of the entrees we had that night as it got too dark, and the iphone camera just couldn’t take any good shots when the mains and desserts arrived. So I’m really sorry! But here are the entrees we had that night (:

A Perfect Drop is a wine and food lounge that had a very cosy interior. We were shown to our tables by the window, close to the fire place. It was perfect for taking photos (until it started getting dark that is). Still kicking myself as to why I didn’t bring my camera along. But too late now!

After ordering our food, we were served with warm bread with a side of olive oil and sea salt. Nothing beats warm bread to be honest. The smell of the bread slowly envelops the air around us. Just the best smell in the world!

The first thing we ordered was the white anchovies with a boiled quail egg on toast with micro herbs. This was really delicious! Every single bite just makes me crave for more. The white anchovies just melts in your mouth and had the right amount of saltiness. Everything just went together so well. I had to pull myself back from ordering another haha

Another entree that we wanted to try was the homemade beef chorizo. It was delicious, juicy and just filled with spices and did I mention delicious? I didn’t know what was in the green mojo, but it was like a tapenade which complimented the chorizo very well. I never had a beef version before, usually the ones sold in the delis are made using pork. So this was definitely something different. But a good kind of different of course (:

Besides these 2 entrees that we ordered to share, we ordered 2 individual entrees as well. hehe We couldn’t help ourselves. There were too many things we wanted to try!

I ordered the veal carppacio with manchego, celeriac salt and horseradish mustard. How pretty is that? hehe It’s no wonder why people say we eat with our eyes. Don’t you just wanna dive your fork into this plate? I’ve not had veal carppacio, just beef. But they didn’t taste alot different, just a little gamier. But not overly so. i really enjoyed it! If you haven’t noticed, I usually have either a carppacio or a scallop dish for entree. haha I’m boring like that.

The mr ordered the stuffed duck neck with pork and pistachio sausage and it was just delish! When I saw it on the menu, I knew he would have to order it. The Mr is one person I know that would eat every single part of most animals. Yes, even the offal. It also means he doesn’t waste any part of the animal, just one of the things I love about him. (: The skin was crispy and the sausage stuffing was juicy and flavourful. Just a delight with every bite!

As much as I love to say the service was as good as the food we had that night, it was unfortunately a little inconsistent. We didn’t feel as included or welcomed as compared to the other tables. Perhaps it’s just us being sensitive, but there wasn’t a point when we were asked how our food was, or if we were enjoying the meal. In fact, after the first entree, I told one of the staff that it was amazing and she actually had a shock expression on her face, which I really couldn’t understand. It’s a real pity though, cause the food was really really good. But like I say in my reviews, service does play a huge part of the dining experience. So we left the restaurant with a bitter-sweet taste in our mouths.

So this wraps up our adventures of Daylesford and Hepburn Springs! I do hope you enjoyed everything I’ve shared with you! I can’t wait to head back to Daylesford and try the other restaurants that I missed this time round! (: Have a great week ahead everyone! xx

Remember to always cook and bake with love!

13 thoughts on “Last Bits, Good Bits.

  1. Daisy@Nevertoosweet says:

    I wouldn’t mind waking up and having that breakfast everyday 🙂 And wow $1 oysters?! My man will go crazyyyy he definitely loves his oysters lol

    Ohhh this was the place that you were saying that the service was inconsistent…even though the food looks great…but if service is bad…then it’s just as bad as serving bad food… actually I think sometimes bad service is worse!

    I noticed you didn’t get dessert 😛 How could you HAHAHA just kidding!

    Glad you had a lovely staycation with your Mr!

    • liannelow says:

      haha I did get dessert, but it was too dark to get a decent shot! So cos there’s no photos, I decided not to talk about it. haha and yes. this is the place, sadly! Cos the food was really quite good. But it’s true, bad service just turns me off. 😦

      and yes! $1 oysters from thurs-mondays, 4-6pm! So gotta plan your route and time! haha xx

  2. Piggyeatalot says:

    Omg your daylesford adventure sounded amazing!!!

    And $1 oysters! I love them!!! Btw, my dietician said food that is high in cholestral (egg, oyster etc) does not impact people’s cholestral level, it’s the amt of saturate fat (mostly from animal as well as coconut n palm oil) that will impact cholestral, so ur hubby shld be safe eating more oysters than erm.. Fatty animal bits :/

    • liannelow says:

      Thanks babe! 🙂 and thanks for the info! Hehe the mr, however, loves both fatty bits and seafood haha but he’ll be fine cause he works out like mad and doesn’t eat the unhealthy stuff too often! Hehe moderation is key! Hehe 🙂 you should head down to Daylesford soon! Heh you’ll love it! x

  3. Alesa says:

    On your cheese plate, the one with the trademark stripe of ash… That’s very probably a morbier.

    Nice work on your blog, your food shots are awesome. : j

  4. Peach Water says:

    Im pretty sure I msged you saying I love blue cheese and honey together, so you should definitely give it a try – yes, I still remember about getting you some of the gorgonzola cheese for you to try – very mild in taste – I’m sure you’ll like it.

    Anyway, once again another great post – I’m so jealous of your Mr, getting to eat all those oysters!! I love raw oysters. YUMMM

    I’ve tried that blood orange soft drink before, it’s not too bad. I’ve also tried their organic cola… ahh.. it was very strange drink to say the very least. It was like drinking…a non-carbonated cola :S

    Also Quail Eggs and Carppacio… Drools. 😛

    • liannelow says:

      hehe Yes! I will definitely go try some of the blue cheese and honey! Sounds like a yum combi even though I’m not a huge fan of blue! But never a bad thing to give it a try! hehe the quail egg and carppacio were SUPER GOOD! hehe x thanks babe!

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