Certified Yummly!

This absolutely made my day and what’s better than to get exciting news on a Friday nonetheless! My blog has been certified Yummly! What an honour! I couldn’t stop smiling when I got an email from Shelley from Yummly saying that my Apricot Cream Cheese Cupcakes has been picked to be featured on their blog!

So I am a certified Yummly now! Whoopeedoo! hehe Couldn’t be happier! Do head over to the Yummly’s post on 10 Sweet and Summery Apricot Desserts to look at the other yummy apricot recipes that were featured! I’ve already bookmarked a few that I would love to try making!

Thank you again Yummly for featuring my post! Feel really motivated and encouraged to experiment more in the kitchen and share with everyone! (:

8 thoughts on “Certified Yummly!

  1. thecoffeesnob says:

    Congrats on being certified Yummly, babe!

    I actually totally forgot I got an email from them a couple months ago with the Yummly badge heh- thanks for the incidental reminder to put it up on the blog! 🙂

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